Interior Design is about a whole host of things.
It’s about experience design. Emotional design. Sensorial design.
Yes, a space should delight the eye, but it runs deeper than that.
Interior design is about harnessing the power of a space to make us feel.
To feel centered. Welcome. Liberated. Inspired.
How can interior spaces help us lead happier, healthier, better lives?
And for those spaces to do so effortlessly?
This is the challenge I set myself.

Ali Hearn
Windows with apex


What we do

We endeavor to create breathtakingly beautiful spaces, that reflect the needs, hopes, tastes and personalities of our clients. For us, it’s about bringing vision to life, whether that applies to a complete remodel, a new build, a sympathetic restoration, an attic-to-basement refurb, a whole house or a single room. Through expertise, specialism and partnership with each client, our aim is to create luxurious, tailored spaces that are flawless in their ability to reward and delight.

Who we are

Led by design expert Ali Hearn, ALIHEARN STUDIOS is a band of brilliant, creative misfits. A team of makers and creators, from stylists and master craftsmen to textile designers and upholsterers, capable of turning ambition into an everyday reality.

Our service scope

Interior design. Exterior design. Lighting design. Architectural review. Furniture selection and sourcing. Paint colour advisory and sourcing. Styling. Product ordering and full project management.

We design & build

  • Bespoke kitchens
  • Wine rooms
  • Home offices
  • Home gyms
  • Media units
  • Cinema rooms
  • Wellness, sauna & steam rooms
  • Pool houses
  • Basement & loft conversions

Who we work with

Private homeowners, from main residences to ski chalets & summer homes.

Commercial developers:

  • Residential
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Members club
Kitchen space

Every design is bespoke, because it has to reflect the nature and style of the person who’s going to live in it. It’s a space for them, where they can feel truly at home, where they can be at their happiest.

Ali Hearn

We typically start by asking, ‘How do you want to feel in this space?’

Ali Hearn

The Joinery


To say we’re a bit passionate about joinery is something of an understatement.

Bespoke joinery really is a luxury – but it has also never been a more accessible and affordable design option.

‘The Joinery’, our in-house team, are taking bespoke joinery to the next level, while still building cost-effective solutions for our clients.

While “Master craftsmen” might sound a bit grand, they really are masters and magicians at what they do, with the skills, lateral-thinking and finesse to create spaces that are as tailored as they are remarkable.

Spaces of any shape and size, tiny or cavernous, can all be designed to feel personal and intuitive, with a range of bespoke joinery options, where the end results are never less than stunning in their level of detail and overall impact.

Fitted wooden joints
Fitted wooden joints

When we say bespoke, we mean bespoke. As in: from scratch. With absolute care, in pursuit of absolute finish. Works that will stand the test of time and only ever add value and pleasure to a client’s property.

Rob Joseph
Master Carpenter,

Latest Projects

Crockers. Henley, UK

Commercial Commission, 2019-21.
Hotel and restaurant.

As featured in the Times, the Telegraph, the Independent, Forbes, the Mail on Sunday and The Boutique Hotelier.

Crockers Henley
Crockers Henley

The Cormorant. Fowey, Cornwall

ALIHEARN STUDIOS is delighted to announce its new partnership with luxury home developer, Green & Rock.

ALIHEARN STUDIOS is the preferred interior design partner to this new development of 9 truly remarkable riverside homes, situated along the Fowey estuary in Cornwall.

If you’d like to know a little more about this really quite amazing development, and the properties not yet reserved, please get in touch.

The Cormorant, Fowey

In partnership with Green & Rock.

The Cormorant, Fowey

Ali H. Home

From bespoke sofas, armchairs and bar stools, to a very specially created range of rugs, tapes, fabrics, accessories, lighting and paints, Ali H. Home will provide unrivalled levels of personal choice for clients, home-owners and lovers of exquisite design.

Expertly crafted, ethically-minded, built-to-last, and using only the highest quality materials… we can't wait to tell you more!


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Crockers Henley

Whether it’s five-figures or a multi-million pound commission, we task ourselves with creating breathtakingly beautiful spaces, whatever the budget.

Ali Hearn
Crockers Henley

Form. Function. Flow.
Sometimes great design is about taking away.
Sometimes it’s about adding and layering.
Lifestyle ergonomics. Creating cognitive harmony. Listening to instinct and introducing what just feels right.
There’s a lot of right and left brain involved in creating gorgeous, functional spaces.

Ali Hearn
Dining space

In very open plan layouts, it’s especially important to think about zoning.
About those visible and often invisible demarcations of usage. That play into patterns of behaviour. The social zones. The working zones. A nook to tuck yourself away in, to take 5, to recharge or read a book. A low, super-comfy, oversized wrap-around sofa for family movie night. A corner of the kitchen that can double as a workspace for taking Zoom calls... where the the sightlines don’t shout, “Guess who’s in their kitchen!”

Ali Hearn


Girls can do any-thing
Girls can do any-thing

Yes, girls can... but in my case, only if they have an amazing team alongside them… that’s actually a MIX of girls AND boys!

Behind the scenes, every Studio commission is developed and turned into reality by a pool of immensely talented individuals. It’s a team I’ve worked with for some time now, ‘tried and tested’, who I trust 100%, where I know they have my back, know they’ll do the very best for our projects and where I know we’ll always enjoy working together. The volume of live projects we can handle, home and abroad, is only made possible by the hard work of everyone at ALIHEARN STUDIOS.

Ali Hearn

At ALIHEARN STUDIOS, what we do is incredibly important to us. And how we do it is just as important.

The manner in which we do things. Our approach. The considerations and choices we make and the consequences that follow. To us: vitally important.

How we treat people. How we work with them. How we show kindness. Compassion. How we act fairly. Openly. Ethically. To us: vitally important.

Where and how we manufacture and source materials is of crucial concern to us. Provenance. Authenticity. Integrity. Not words to skirt over, but principles that inform our design work.

Actions come with outcomes. It’s as simple as that to us. And just as simply, we only ever want to create the right kind of ripples.

To us: great design is human design and human design must also have a very real sense of humanity coded in its DNA.

Because breathtakingly beautiful spaces have to be beautiful on the inside as well as the out.


When people invite us into their home, they’re inviting us into their daily lives and they’re inviting us to get to know them. We don’t take these invitations lightly.

For us, it’s a privilege working with our clients to create their dream homes. And aside from privilege, words like ‘responsibility’ and ‘commitment’ just as importantly apply.

While every home project is unique, every project is the same in that it’s always highly creative, immersive, and emotionally involving. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. In our opinion, it’s the only way the job - the job of truly great home design - can be done. And we love doing it.

Other design studios may have a different process and may view their responsibility differently, but we believe our approach sets us apart.

We’re especially proud of what’s said in our ‘Book of Kind Words’ - because these are the words of our clients. They represent fun times and good memories, recent and distant, of projects that still perform their role long after our work was done and we waved goodbye. And in more than a few cases, these words also represent the beginnings of new and dear friendships, where it’s always lovely to pop back for a chat, a cup of coffee or, sure - twist our arm - a glass of something bubblier.

Book of Kind Words

There was never any sense of pressure to buy the most expensive pieces. Ali and her team understand that there always needs to be value for money in the equation.

Kerry I.

What impressed me most about Ali was her creative vision and instincts for what might work and look wonderful.

Kathryn B.

The most skilled tradespersons I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Passion and energy for the task: beyond question.

Michael H.

Phenomenal attention to detail. The results are fabulous!

Hilary M.

Not only do I have the kitchen of my dreams but I have also found a firm friend who I would recommend without hesitation.

Sara P.
Laughing with a glass of bubbly

Completion day.
The ‘Heart-of-the-Home’ Project.
Left: Ali Hearn.
Right: Katie B. (client).


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